Books & Brews at Vine & Table

What’s Brewing at Vine & Table? … We Are!

If you’ve been watching the beer section at Vine & Table over the last few months you may have noticed a particular new brew appear on the shelves. Last November we unveiled our first privately brewed beer, a Belgian Strong Ale with apricots that we dubbed “The Merchant of V&T.” The Merchant was the brainchild of your humble beer guy (David Helt) and Jason Wuerfel, owner/head brewer of local brewpub Books & Brews. The response to this collaboration has been incredible. In less than a month we sold through over half of our entire order, and bottles have been steadily making their way into customers’ hands ever since. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to taste this fantastic beer yet, I highly advise making a trip to pick up a bottle while we still have a few left. Read More

Tomatin 12 Year

February’s Malt of the Month

You say Tomatin and I say Tomatin! Get it? That’s just a wee Irish joke I made up!

Right, let’s get back to the whisky. Tomatin is one of Scotland’s biggest distilleries, situated in the Highlands just a bit south of Inverness. Its 12 copper pot stills pump out over 2.5 million liters of spirit every year, with a fair proportion of that whisky going into blends. However, a substantial amount is also held back for the distillery’s single malt portfolio, which has been increasing in size and quality over the last few years. February’s Malt of the Month features a relative newcomer to the portfolio- one that is interesting in style, moderately priced, and very tasty: Tomatin 12 Year Old French Oak Single Malt Scotch  Read More

Vine and Table Glengoyne Scotch

January’s Malt of the Month – Glengoyne 10 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch

The holiday season may now be but a distant blur, your bar may be looking a little empty, and the last thing you want to do is shell out more money on expensive Scotch! Well I have the answer to all (well, most) of your problems- a delicious single malt that won’t break the bank but might break your heart. Yes, it’s that good! Read More

New Years Champagne Bar Cocktails

Add Sparkle to your New Year with a Champagne Bar

Few things say “special” just by their very nature than champagne. Just the very mention of it makes even an ordinary day feel like a special occasion.

So much of what I do at home is inspired by what we do at Kahn’s Catering. So much of what we do at Kahn’s Catering is inspired by what I personally enjoy when I’m dining out, or by the broad and unique experiences our team brings.

One of our menu offerings is a champagne bar. It’s one of our special bars that often serves as the ideal start or finish to a garden wedding ceremony for our wedding clients. Our champagne bar has chef-made fruit purees such as tropical (a blend of mango, papaya and pineapple), peach and berry (fresh blackberries, raspberries and strawberries) that serve as the perfect mix-in. We also serve champagne with such delights as St. Germain liqueur, candied hibiscus flowers, fresh raspberries, halved strawberries (rinse, and leave the tops on, slicing through the leaves, the green top still-on helps the berry to look fresher and more appealing floating in the flute). Read More

last minute gift ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

As the names on your gift list shortens, and you’re left with a few you just don’t know what to get, it is time to stop at Vine & Table. I mean, everybody has to eat and drink, so how can you really go wrong? Wrap up everyone on your hard-to-buy-for list at Vine & Table with this thought in mind: share what you love!

Need further inspiration? Here are my favorites: Read More

Bruichladdich Single Malt Scotch Vine & Table

Bruichladdich’s Triumphant Return!

What a difference a year makes! This time last year I was negotiating the purchase some of the last stocks of Bruichladdich (brook – laddie) single malt Scotch from their then-importer to the U.S. There was a huge logistical changeover taking place at the time, as the distillery (having being bought by Remy Cointreau in 2012) was switching to new American importers and new distributors in Indiana. Things were not going smoothly and there was a lot of misinformation flying around. Retailers across the country (including Vine & Table) couldn’t get a straight answer from either old or new representatives as to which whiskies were being discontinued and what we could expect for the future. Things were looking bleak, so I purchased a considerable amount of Bruichladdich’s gin (the Botanist) and all the malt whiskies I could get my hands on to hold us over until things returned to normal. Read More

What wine pairs with

What Wine Should I Serve?

At home, I’m a vodka drinker. Even at that, a pretty straight-forward one: grey goose, soda, lime. When I drink wine, I love Spanish reds. I’ve always found them to be easy drinking, “approachable”, such that they appeal to most palates. Outside of that, though, I’m lost when it comes to choosing wines. Maybe it’s because I naturally gravitate towards the Spanish aisle and don’t branch out much, maybe it is because on a day-to-day basis at Kahn’s Catering my attention is keenly dedicated to our cuisine. Either way, when it comes to selecting wines, the first thought that comes to mind is “I need help!Read More

cheese platters

Make the Perfect Holiday Cheese Platter

Cheese plates are a wonderful and easy addition to any holiday party, large or small. Impress your guests with some new cheeses this year and enjoy full authentic flavors worthy of this special holiday season. Follow these simple tips for the perfect holiday cheese platter. Read More