Benromach Single Malt

June’s Malt of the Month– Benromach Bargain!

Have we got a deal for you- Benromach Traditional Speyside Single Malt Whisky is now just $29.99 (retailing elsewhere for $44.99)! Read More

Dave Phinney Orin Swift

orin-swift – cult wines from a cult winemaker

The wines of Dave Phinney and Orin-Swift Cellars capture the imagination in a way unlike almost any we know of. It all starts some of the most intriguing and compelling labels and packaging in the business. These never fail to entice you in as to what lurks beneath the cork! From the now infamous and slightly macabre “Prisoner”, to the stark black and white photograph of rough-hewn fingers in his “Papillion”. Read More

Tomintoul 16 Year Old

April’s Malt of the Month- Tomintoul 16 Year Old for an unbelievable $44.99

If you’re a single malt Scotch drinker, know one, or want to become one, this is a deal you can’t afford to miss! How about an absolutely delicious 16 year old Speysider for less than $50, including tax? That’s what we have to offer with Tomintoul 16 Year Old, priced at just $44.99 a bottle. Read More

craft beer at Vine & Table

April Showers Bring… New Beers

Anyone who has walked into our beer section knows just how much I enjoy discussing beer. I love its history, the numerous styles, and the constant innovations breweries are working on. The problem is there is always more to talk about. You see, new beers are constantly coming in and I just never seem to have the time to talk about all of them! So this week I’m going to give you a peek at five of the new and unusual brews we’ve brought in to combat those rainy spring days. Read More

Bourbon Women Peggy Stevens, Natalie Clayton and Vine & Table's Bethann Kendall

Vine & Table hosts as Bourbon Women Launch Indiana Chapter

There was a whole lot of shaken and stirring going on Thursday when Vine & Table hosted the very special north-side launch of the Indiana chapter of Bourbon Women. With over 200 in attendance, it is little wonder why Indianapolis was chosen as the next chapter hub for this growing organization of women who love bourbon. Now the women of Indy can join the hundreds of members in 23 states and countries in their love for all things bourbon. Read More

Bourbon Cocktails were a hit.

4 Brilliant Bourbon Cocktails

Here are four brilliant bourbon cocktails I chose to mix, shake and serve at Vine & Table’s recent event hosting the north-side launch of the Indianapolis chapter of Bourbon Women. You might want to set your sights on one or two and mix a batch for yourself and your best bourbon buds. Each is distinctive, delightful and delicious… Read More

Bushmill's 10 Year Old

March’s Malt of the Month – My Irish eyes are smiling and yours will be too!

March has arrived and with it comes the best time of the year to talk about and drink some Uisce Beatha (otherwise known as Irish Whiskey). Unless you’ve been living on a remote Pacific island for the last few years you’ll have noticed a massive resurgence of the Irish whiskey industry, with new brands popping up here, there, and everywhere. Just recently we moved our Irish whiskey section in the store to make room for all of the new bottles arriving. Pernod Ricard, owners of the Midleton Distillery in my hometown of Cork, have firmly positioned Jameson as the leader of the pack, with Redbreast and Green Spot following on its heels, while over in County Westmeath, Beam Suntory’s Kilbeggan Distillery has been introducing us to many old and new styles of whiskies. Read More

Books & Brews at Vine & Table

What’s Brewing at Vine & Table? … We Are!

If you’ve been watching the beer section at Vine & Table over the last few months you may have noticed a particular new brew appear on the shelves. Last November we unveiled our first privately brewed beer, a Belgian Strong Ale with apricots that we dubbed “The Merchant of V&T.” The Merchant was the brainchild of your humble beer guy (David Helt) and Jason Wuerfel, owner/head brewer of local brewpub Books & Brews. The response to this collaboration has been incredible. In less than a month we sold through over half of our entire order, and bottles have been steadily making their way into customers’ hands ever since. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to taste this fantastic beer yet, I highly advise making a trip to pick up a bottle while we still have a few left. Read More