what to buy the oenophile?

First, who knows what an oenophile is? Oenophile is most easily defined as a lover of wine, a connoisseur, or as I like to call myself, a Cork Dork.

Do you have an oenophile on your list this year? If so, maybe I can help; this wine lover went home and started looking at all the wine widgets I have and this is what I enjoy most out of all my oenophile toys:

•    A spare corkscrew – just in case.
•    Vinturi – it aerates the wine in seconds- do you really want them to have to wait to drink their wine?
•    Wine charms – so when friends come over you’re not sharing glasses.
•    The wine journal – OK, I know I have my wine app on my phone, but my phone doesn’t savor the memory of where and why I was having that incredible wine, nor does it preserve the label. So, yes, even I have a wine journal.
•    A pourer – it sounds simple but I have white counter tops and I don’t want to stain them. The wine pourer is a great stocking stuffer!
•    Riedel – because it’s elegant, makes a great gift, both glasses and decanters; and did I mention that Vine & Table has the lowest price in the country on all Riedel products making it a great deal!

So, if you have an oenophile in your life, keep these in mind for great holidays gift ideas, as I guarantee they are sure to please.



Bethann Kendall

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I am so very excited to introduce myself to you. As the Wine Buyer and Sales Lead for Vine & Table, I get the best of both worlds: Indulgence in my passion for wine AND the opportunity to share this passion with you. Just a few things you might want to know about me: I spent some of my early years in the fine dining industry and quickly learned I had a talent for pairing food and wine. It wasn’t long after that when I realized I needed to know anything and everything about my favorite beverage. The next logical step was the Sommelier program, which is an ongoing journey to both satisfy my personal growth and to exceed your expectations. follow me on twitter: twitter.com/vinovent
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