The Featured Four: Someone spilled bourbon and gin in my beer, but I don’t mind.

Spending the better part of the last month in the beer cooler avoiding the heat has given me the opportunity to check out some new beers.  These are either newly released or just beers that I haven’t tried; but what keeps happening is that every week I try one that I can’t believe I haven’t had before and isn’t already in my beer fridge.

So starting now, I am going to feature four beers every month from the beer cooler that I think are great finds.  They could be new, hard to find, or special-release beers.  And the best part is they will all be on sale until I run out or pick four more.  This month, I’ve started with two new releases and two rather unique selections:

Lexington Brewing’s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – You may have already tried this beer on draft, but now you can finally take it home.  This is truly a bourbon-lovers beer, but you don’t need a cowboy hat and a mustache to appreciate it.  Just try a few sips and you’ll find that bourbon aged beers do not need to be huge stouts and you don’t need to love whiskey to love this beer.  Regular Price:  $14.99 Sale Price: $11.49

Rogue Juniper Pale Ale (6pk) – This beer has been around for some time, but I just tried it a few months back and had to smack myself for not trying it sooner.  Juniper berries and revolution hops make this beer smoother than a cashmere codpiece and with a unique spicy dry finish.  Its quite session-able and flavorful enough to be drunk year-round.   Regular Price:  $12.49 Sale Price: $9.99

Urthel Saisonniere – This beer was the recent winner at the World Beer Awards for Europe’s Best Seasonal Pale Ale.  It is unique in that it is brewed in the Saison style, but with added wheat, giving this bottle-conditioned beer a slightly sweet and slightly dry finish.  At 6% ABV, you can enjoy one or five this evening.   Regular Price: $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Schlafly Biere de Garde – This bottle-conditioned ale is made in the French Farmhouse style with the traditional Farmhouse yeast strain from Northern France.  In the old world, this style was brewed in the spring and aged until the fall and winter months.  Unlike its Belgian cousin, the Saison, the aging gives this beer a richer, sweeter taste.  Easily one of my new favorites.  Regular Price:  $10.99 Sale Price:  $7.99

Nick Axford

About Nick Axford

I am very excited to introduce myself as Vine & Table’s Beer Manager. Being from Northern Michigan, I have spent the last 6 years trying any beer I can get my hands on, from domestic, to craft, to specialty imports. Beer has always been a hobby of mine, tasting, collecting, home brewing, and even studying the history of beer in college. Having made my way to Indianapolis, I have turned my passion for beer into a career. I now have access to beers I know and love as well as new imports and micro-brews that I am very excited to share with you. I have already started revamping our beer cooler and introducing some new unique beers to our collection. I've also got a couple of great events for you this month, check them out below and the next time you are here, let’s crack a brew and find you something new!
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4 Responses to The Featured Four: Someone spilled bourbon and gin in my beer, but I don’t mind.

  1. Rick Rehmer Ricardo Cinco says:

    You should put a “Print this page” button somewhere. I couldn’t print the whole thing.

  2. Aaron says:

    I’ve been meaning to find the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and try it. I know I’ve heard whose barrels they use, but I can’t remember if it’s Buffalo Trace or Woodford Reserve. The Urthel Saisonniere looks interesting and I know I’ve liked the few Schlafly beers I’ve tried.

  3. Lori Finnigan Lori F says:

    Just tried the Urthel. Nice and light for summer. I even liked it at room temperature, and I usually won’t drink beer when it gets that warm.

    Thanks Nick!

  4. Nick Axford Nick Axford says:

    I’m glad you liked the Urthel Lori. It is a great summer beer no matter how you take it.

    And as far as the whiskey barrels used to make the Kentuckey Bourbon Barrel Ale, Woodford Reserve make up the bulk of the barrels used. So you are quite right Aaron.

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