the cocktail lounge: shake it, stir it, drink it

The Cocktail Lounge. Just saying this gives us chills and reminds us of days gone by where bartenders didn’t just pour us a drink but passionately crafted a cocktail of liquid gold.

The Art of the Cocktail is making a comeback here in Indy, and we plan on leading the charge as we continue to expand our extensive and often unique selection of Spirits.  A new addition to the Whisky Expo this year is The Cocktail Lounge, an opportunity to sample the creations of Indy’s best bartenders, mixologists from around the country and even our very own in-house Cocktailologist, Rick.

Of the seven tables in the Lounge, one is hosted by United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG), who just recently started a chapter here in Indy by the way.  Who might be at this table crafting cocktails and mixing the magic in a glass?  We’re so glad you asked.  We are more than just a bit excited to have these local favorites with us on October 12:  The Libertine Liquor Bar, The Ball & Biscuit, Late Harvest Kitchen, Village Cigar, and Ocean Prime.

Truth be told, we are ecstatic about this new addition to Whisky Expo and the support offered by these local businesses.  So tell us…who’s your favorite in this esteemed group and why? Is there a favorite drink you hope they’ll pour?


Lori Finnigan

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I'm a born and raised Hoosier, and yes Indiana has more than just corn. When I'm not busy with my Controller duties, I'm always on the hunt for a new pair of Chucks, knee deep in a good book or running the kids around. I am a Social Media junkie and still mourn the ending of the show “24”.
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