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Beef Tenderloin with Gruyere and Spinach

beef tenderloin with gruyere and spinach

This is a very simple but incredibly elegant appetizer that will not only impress your guests but will also be exceptionally satisfying. Especially when served with the ideal wine pairing.

Pig and Fig Appetizer

pig and fig appetizer

This appetizer has all the delicious classic flavors of French haute cuisine, but with absolutely none of the work! In our book, this is how entertaining should be done. The star of this dish is the Pig & Fig Pâté, …

Smoking Goose Duck prosciutto with frisee and truffle butter

smoking goose duck prosciutto with frisée and truffle butter

Being a newbie to this wonderful store, and having a love of all things food, I came across a local favorite that I now have the pleasure of being able to offer to you. Smoking Goose is a local company …


a summer delicacy

If any of you fellow gardeners are like me, you have an abundance of tomatoes starting to pile up on your counter.  It’s time to get creative.  I have started canning, freezing, making salsa, and sharing with my feathered flock …


Saint André, Cucumber, Shrimp & Dill Mini Sandwiches

In the heat of summer, keeping meals light but satisfying is ideal but not always easy. The key is to use fresh and flavorful ingredients and be sure that one element is a mouth-filling sensation that borders on indulgence. A …


super easy mushroom & date en croute

You might be thinking that en Croute and easy are mutually exclusive and cannot possibly exist together. Well, I assure you this is absolutely doable. Here is a very stress-free way to add French sophistication to your next family or …


4 wine and cheese pairings for the patio

A salad here, a burger there and perhaps a meal out one night a week, keeping meals simple in the summer is key to getting the most out of this short season. But in keeping it simple, we run the …

chaumes mini pizzas

chaumes pomodoro mini-pizzas on puff pastry

These fresh tomato pizzas are perfect for a buffet, mid-day brunch or an easy summer evening out on the patio. Ideal for this time of year, they make use of summer’s succulent tomatoes and fresh herbs. The puff pastry makes …