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Cantina di Casteggio Oltrepo Pavese Pinot Nero 2010

Staff Pick-Off the Beaten Path

Pinot Nero is also known as Pinot Noir and usually when we are searching for a Pinot Noir we look to the USA or Burgundy, France. However, between Italy’s most famous wine regions, Tuscany and Piedmont, lies Lombardy. Best known …

wine events indianapolis

Girls Who Swirl– enjoying cocktails, one or more at a time!

We’ve got spirits, yes we do: Girls Who Swirl shakes up summer with North Shore Distillery Are you a spirits connoisseur, or have you not yet had the opportunity to become one? Wherever you fall on the spirits spectrum, you …

wine events indianapolis

Girls Who Swirl- Free Tasting Classes for Women!

I love wine, but let’s face it- the majority of sommeliers and wine stewards are men. Men are more often winemakers, distributors, and sales reps too. Things get even more testosterone-laden when you look at the world of spirits, with …

what is your island wine?

It’s a great question and one that I am often asked: If I was stranded on an island, what wine would I be drinking? Well, first I would want it to be a deserted island, the kind that Tom Hanks …

Brolio Castle

bring a drop of italy to indiana

Perched on a hilltop in Tuscany, the towering red walls of Brolio Castle evoke images of Italian feudalism; its ramparts, stone walls, and gardens would be enough to make any Italophile swoon. Visitors to the castle also find themselves marveling …

San Giulio Malvasia di Castelnuovo - Don Bosco

13 wines under $13

It’s 2013 and in honor of the New Year our staff got together and picked our favorite 13 wines under $13. Here’s what made our list and why…


are you BIG on bordeaux?


not all red blends need a food pairing