Keeping it Fresh – Adeplhi Rare Scotch Whisky Selections

The choice in Scotch whisky has never been better. Despite what you may hear about shortage of stocks, our shelves have never been fuller with really good and interesting malts. However there is one area that was lacking when it came to our selection, and that was single cask, cask strength expressions from independent bottlers. Over the last few years I have been presented with numerous options of malts to line our shelves, but more often than not I rejected the offers due to quality and taste and also due to an important element: the price to value ratio of the product. Read More

Best Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

Top wines for Turkey Day!

The mad rush is on to prepare for Thanksgiving, and while you’ve probably got your turkey picked out and the green beans at the ready, have you found the perfect wine to accompany the feast you’ll work so hard to prepare? If not, don’t fret- just stop by Vine & Table, where our wine staff have spent hours coming up with their top recommendations for Thanksgiving Day wines. All of these bottles are conveniently located together at the center of the store, so you won’t waste any of your precious time on the hunt. Hurry in to cross off the most important item on your shopping list! Read More


Fuenteseca Tequila, the work of Enrique Fonseca, a legend within the agave world.

Back in April, our customers were treated to something very special when we introduced Fuenteseca Extra Anejo 7 Year Old Tequila to the store. I had tasted a sample of this earlier in the year and was absolutely blown away by the depth and complexity of this old agave spirit and knew that lovers of fine tequila were going to go nuts over it- as were lovers of Scotch, bourbon, and other brown spirits. And I was right, because after a few short weeks our supply had completely dried up and people were begging for more. So I contacted Jake Lustig in California (Jake is the importer of Fuenteseca) to see about getting a second shipment for Indiana. What I got a few weeks later was a small box with a half dozen small sample bottles filled with very old Fuentesecas for me to try. Talk about hitting the jackpot! Read More

Freigeist Beer Indianapolis

The Surprising Free Spirits of Freigeist

When it comes to the beer business I take my job very seriously. I work hard to stay up to date on the newest releases and breweries that arrive in our state on a seemingly weekly basis. I study the history of the craft and try to predict where beer is going next. Overall, I feel that we at Vine & Table have a pretty good handle on the state of the industry. I have come to accept, however, that there will always be great surprises. As of last summer one of our best surprises by far goes by the name of Freigeist. Read More

Springbank 10 Year Old Whisky

Springbank – A beautiful malt at a beautiful price!

For those of you who are not familiar with Springbank, you should know that they are one of the last independent, family-owned distilleries left in Scotland. They make Scotch the traditional way, cutting the peat and carting it to the distillery, malting the barley by hand, filling the bottles, applying the labels, packing the boxes…everything that Springbank does is in the old, traditional manner because that works for them, and their whisky is a testament to it. Read More

Arran 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

Arran Distillery-there is no better time than now!

I feel blessed that I have been able to follow the progress of one of Scotland’s most dynamic and forward-thinking distilleries through the years. The Isle of Arran Distillers has evolved into a distillery whose whiskies stand tall with the best that Scotland has to offer. The distillery was founded in 1993, with their first whisky released 3 years later. However it was much later (2007, to be exact) that things really took off for Arran, when they were named as Whisky Magazine’s Distiller of the Year. Read More

Weber Farms Returns to Vine & Table in Carmel

It is August in Indiana and the farmers’ yields are once again abundant with fresh, ripe  fruits and vegetables.And once again Vine & Table welcomes Weber Farms of Brownsburg, Indiana to the corner of East Carmel Drive and Medical Drive. It has always been our mission to bring Carmel the best products from around the corner and around globe, and we are thrilled again this year to partner with Todd Weber of Weber Farms to bring Indiana’s finest fresh produce to our neighborhood. Read More

Benromach Single Malt

June’s Malt of the Month– Benromach Bargain!

Have we got a deal for you- Benromach Traditional Speyside Single Malt Whisky is now just $29.99 (retailing elsewhere for $44.99)! Read More