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Now that the World Cup is underway I think that the time is right to release one of the best deals in cachaça that I have ever seen! If you are planning on whipping up batches of Caipirinha cocktails this weekend while watching the best soccer teams in the world, then this deal is for you. But you may be wondering what exactly cachaça is, so let me explain. Ypioca Crystal CachacaCachaça (ka-SHA-sa) is the national drink of Brazil, a spirit which, although very similar in style to rum, is actually designated as its own indigenous spirit. It is produced from freshly harvested sugar cane, which when distilled tends to give the resulting spirit an herbal, grassy note. Brazil’s national cocktail is the ‘Caipirinha’ (kype-ir-een-ya), which when prepared correctly with fresh limes, sugar and cachaça can make for one of the most refreshing drinks of the season. The Brazilians consume over a billion bottles of cachaça every year; that’s a lot of Caipirinhas! God knows there will be a brazillion of them consumed over the next few weeks alone, so let’s join the party!

Ypioca Crystal Brazilian Cachaça 1 Liter (was $21.99) NOW $13.99 – Yes, you are reading that figure correctly!!

Ypioca (ee-pee-oka) Crystal has been one of our best-selling cachaça’s over the past few years. It’s an excellent entry into the cachaça category and makes a killer Caipirinha (trust me, I know from experience). The nose is very pleasant with freshly cut sugar cane, honey and a touch of white pepper. The palate is dry (i.e., no sugar added), it has a medium body with earthy vegetal notes, pepper and overtones of freshly cut hay leading into a nice clean finish.

At just $13.99 (the lowest price in the USA) for a liter, this is a no brainer, so it might be best to grab a handful of bottles, a bag of ice, a few limes and your place on the couch/sofa!

This World Cup Deal is only good for a short period of time or until the stock runs out, after that it will revert back to its normal price of $21.99 a bottle.

1/2 a lime, cut into quarters
1–2 tsp. superfine sugar (I prefer to use Petite Canne Sugar Cane Syrup)
2 oz. Ypioca Crystal cachaça
Ice cubes
Tools: muddler, shaker
Glass: rocks
In a shaker, muddle fresh limes with sugar. Add cachaça and ice cubes and shake vigorously. Pour, unstrained, into a chilled glass.


Join us Saturday, June 21st when we’ll be sampling Ypioca Crystal and making Caipirinha’s from 12 to 2pm!

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I am a true homegrown Irishman hailing from the only county you really need to know about, Cork. Whiskey, beer, wine and all manner of spirits are in my blood (figuratively speaking of course!). I first started my career in my Great Aunty Maisey’s pub in New Tipperary, Donoughmore, pouring pints and small drops to the auld lads after the fair. Little did I think back then that I would be taking a short hop, skip and a jump over to the U.S of A. But here I am and I have been with Vine & Table since the beginning. I am now the stores Beverage Manager and Spirits Buyer. I like to think that I have found my niche here in the US. I have a great love for all things spirits-wise and have developed our offerings here at Vine & Table to include the best Single Malt selection in Indiana. Pop in and see me for a chinwag and a small drop next time you are in Carmel. Slainte, Denis
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