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Shortly after a friend moved into her first house I joined her and others for dinner. I came early to help and proceeded to set the table. When it came time to place the glassware she struggled to find enough matching wine glasses for the group. I took notice: wine glasses would make the perfect gift for her (of course, with a great bottle of wine!)

gift-basket-giftsI love combining beverage with the appropriate vessel. A set of flutes with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot around the holidays as something special to ring in the New Year; some mugs with hot cocoa, Lazzaroni Amaretto and hand-crafted marshmallows; or a couple Riedel glasses with a bottle of wine. I do this because long after the beverage is gone, my friend will still have a gift to cherish. Plus, if it is someone you frequently buy gifts for, you can work to “build a set”, gifting, say, two Riedel glasses at a time for occasions such as Christmas, a birthday and an anniversary. This helps answer the question of “what do I get them?” for a while, helping ease the anxiety over gift giving.

Our team at Vine & Table can help you select the perfect gift today or put together a gift basket. Me, I like to curate the items going into my basket and assemble my own baskets at home. I love making bows and enjoy carefully and precisely packing everything together. But it takes time. A lot of time. So if you don’t have that time, but need a gift on the go, Vine & Table has a number of gift baskets ready to give. Stop by today to find the perfect one!

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I have loved being in the kitchen ever since I was a little boy, when I began helping my mom with the Thanksgiving pies and holiday cookies. The Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook that we used is now a treasured part of my kitchen, a reminder of where my love for food, and for this business began. It was, although, by chance that I ended up in this business. I started with Kahn’s Catering as a banquet server over 10 years ago and have had the privilege to grow with the company through the years and to learn from the talented people I work with every day. Today, as the VP of Food and Beverage, I continue the Kahn’s Catering tradition of great food and great service. In everything I do for our guests, I remember the spirit of food that I was first taught by my mom. It’s about creating something amazing with your hands and heart, and then sharing it with others. We all love great food and drink, but when we talk about entertaining, whether it is a catered event or you welcoming friends and family in your home, it is about hospitality. To us, hospitality is, through the details, creating the feeling of being welcomed. As we share our knowledge with you, we hope you’ll remember that food isn’t about perfection, but instead about the experience of creating and sharing. We hope you will find it as rewarding as we do.
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