ladies of the evening: did I really just say that?

Ha!  Made you look.

It’s true, though.  We have three Ladies of Liquor, Amazons of Alcohol (I like word games, sorry) and they’re all leaders in their respective fields.  We are so lucky and so excited to have them together for one evening, leading one of three Master Classes at this year’s Whisky Expo.

I know what you’re thinking:  what exactly is a Master Class?  You can thank Denis for this brilliant idea.  With his Irish charm and endless enthusiasm and knowledge of all that we reverently call “spirits”, he brings together industry leaders from around the world who share  the inside scoop on their brands as well as their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Oh, they also bring samples.  Gosh, I almost forgot to mention that.

Are you ready to meet the ladies?  Yes, I thought so.

•    Louisa Young is the Senior Brand Manager from Isle of Arran Distillers of Arran, Scotland.  The Devil’s Punch Bowl, a limited edition release, is her spirit of choice for the class.

•    Sonja Kassebaum is the founder of North Shore Distillery in Chicago and promises to speak to your inner Viking with her highly acclaimed Aquavit.

•    Allison Evanow, the founder of Square One Organic Spirits out of California, raises the stakes with a wowtastic botanical rye.

These classes are on a first-come-first-seated, very limited basis so it’s best to check the program guide and get thee to the classroom post haste.  I’m hoping to sneak away from my duties at the check-in table to catch this one.

Whisky and Fine Spirits are not just for men, and these ladies are proof positive.  So gals, grab your girlfriends and plan to have a fantastic evening.  And guys, just admit it.  You love a girl who can shoot the whisky.


Lori Finnigan

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