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The Belgian Saison or Farmhouse Ale is one of the oldest styles of beer in the world. Yet, it has only recently grown in popularity in the U.S. These traditional beers that were originally brewed in the winter to be drunk in the spring and summer months are necessities this time of year. These are refrigerator must-haves as the days get longer and the sun begins to shine. Here are my top 5 Saisons for spring:

saison beer,Ommegang Hennepin
This is a lovely moderately hoppy, farmhouse style ale with a champagne-like effervescence. Crisp, but light on the tongue, Hennepin has a bounty of great flavors including ginger, spice, orange and toasted grain.

Goose Island Sofie
This is a true American innovation.  The brewers at Goose Island married two types of Belgian style farmhouse ales together. One of the ales had been aged in former wine barrels with the addition of orange peel and the result is spectacular. Complex Saison spice and fruits are paired with a deep level of dark fruit notes from the wine barrel influence. You must try this!


Saison Dupont
Saison Dupont is a wonderful straw color with a dense creamy head. The nose is alive, like fresh raised bread, estery with citrus and spice notes. Full-bodied and malty, it sparkles on the palate and finishes with a zesty hop and citrus attack. Incredibly compatible with food!

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Noire
It’s smooth and delicious with aromas of worn leather and cool autumn nights. Notes of sweet plum and toasted raisin with hints of coffee and cacao are apparent as is a lingering tart and refreshing finish. Dedicated to the dark side; smooth, dark, incredibly delicious as only a Jack Russell with bat wings can be!

Boulevard Brewery Tank 7
This beer’s thick, white head emits a rich bouquet: fragrant floral, tangerine and spicy pepper scents strum the beer’s soft bready aroma. Earthy black pepper and bread flavors take the lead, followed by contrasting sweet bubble gum mid-sip. As the beer flows over the tongue, a lively inter-play of earthy clove and juicy lemon emerges.



About Jordan

Born and raised here in Carmel, Indiana, I am finishing up my degree in Natural Resources. I began my beer career drinking big-name brands but soon realized that this was not the life for me. I moved onto American craft brews finding a love for hops and anything hoppy. I have since progressed into not only IPAs and double (imperial) IPAs but have found a love for barley wines, stouts (all styles), and Belgians. Although I have tried just about every popular style at least once, I am looking forward to discovering all the styles of beer this world has to offer. I’m interested in hearing what you like to drink and learning a thing or two from you as well. I’d also like to help you delve deeper into the ever-growing world of beer and perhaps discover a new style to try. So the next time you are driving by, stop in and say “Hi” over a beer then let’s find a new brew or an old-time favorite for you to enjoy.
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