January’s Malt of the Month – Glengoyne 10 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch

Vine and Table Glengoyne Scotch

The holiday season may now be but a distant blur, your bar may be looking a little empty, and the last thing you want to do is shell out more money on expensive Scotch! Well I have the answer to all (well, most) of your problems- a delicious single malt that won’t break the bank but might break your heart. Yes, it’s that good!

Vine and Table Glengoyne Single Malt ScotchGlengoyne Distillery sits right on the dividing line between the Highland and Lowland regions and, although they call themselves a Highland Distillery, you could be forgiven in thinking that Glengoyne is a Lowlander, as its whiskies tend to be soft and gentle. Much of Glengoyne’s character comes from the use of the notoriously low-yielding, but famously high-quality “Golden Promise’ barley, which is air-dried to give a totally unpeated flavor. Couple that with really good ex-bourbon and Sherry casks and the soft mild climate of the southern Highlands and the results can be fantastic.

Case in point is the Glengoyne 10 Year Old, a delightful fruity dram that is complemented by a soft malty character with notes of apple and butterscotch. One could call it basic (it is after all the base on which all other Glengoyne follows) but I like to think of it as being a smooth, well rounded malt that I would be happy drinking at any time of the day or in anybody’s company. And at just $32.99 a bottle I don’t think you can go too wrong, unless of course you dilly dally on whether to buy a bottle or not, and by then it might be just too late!


Denis Lynch

About Denis Lynch

I am a true homegrown Irishman hailing from the only county you really need to know about, Cork. Whiskey, beer, wine and all manner of spirits are in my blood (figuratively speaking of course!). I first started my career in my Great Aunty Maisey’s pub in New Tipperary, Donoughmore, pouring pints and small drops to the auld lads after the fair. Little did I think back then that I would be taking a short hop, skip and a jump over to the U.S of A. But here I am and I have been with Vine & Table since the beginning. I am now the stores Beverage Manager and Spirits Buyer. I like to think that I have found my niche here in the US. I have a great love for all things spirits-wise and have developed our offerings here at Vine & Table to include the best Single Malt selection in Indiana. Pop in and see me for a chinwag and a small drop next time you are in Carmel. Slainte, Denis
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