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Hard to believe that Easter is here!  We basically missed winter this year here in the Midwest. Plants are pushing from the ground and the trees are in full bloom. So in a way I feel like I have missed something; but don’t get me wrong, I will take this weather… enjoying my walks and my BBQ’s rather than shoveling snow.   So now that the Easter Bunny is visiting us this weekend, what are your plans?  Coloring Easter Eggs and hiding them in the woods and up in trees?   If so, don’t forget the Golden Egg, always sure to get the kids running faster.  Of course a must would be the Easter Basket, a timeless Easter tradition! It is not too late to find the perfect Vine & Table Easter gift baskets, from the fun and yummy for the little ones waiting so patiently, to the sophisticated selection for the gourmand in your life.  Also remember our wonderful selection of fine chocolates including Zotter from Austria and the local Chocolate for the Spirit, Ghyslain and Sweet Shop Truffles from Texas, which are sure to please everyone of all ages.

The egg hunt is done and now time for Easter Dinner.  I have my dinner ideas, the quite popular ham or lamb, what should it be?   For ham lovers, try something different like a glaze with Bourbon Barrel’s Smoked Bourbon Sugar, crunchy, sweet and smoky.  Or for the one who likes traditional horseradish we have a few to choose from.  Stonewall’s Creamy Horseradish, Beaver Zesty Horseradish, and Zatarain’s, which will definitely help our allergy sufferers dealing with the early blooms and is superb on ham sandwiches too.  Lamb is my personal favorite, I like the garlic and rosemary stuffed into the lamb and roasted. Once done I serve with it with Gilway’s Mint Sauce, which just screams spring!  If you feel in the mood to grill your lamb, we also have a variety of sauces, glazes and rubs.  Don’t forget the asparagus with a light butter, lemon, and Dijon sauce.  Stop by and if you have any questions just ask.

Happy Easter from the staff at Vine & Table gourmet market!

TIP: For a  touch of spring on the dinner plate, try Gilway’s Fresh Garden Mint Sauce for a traditional accompaniment to roasted lamb.  This herbaceous minty spread is delicious tossed with warm new potatoes or mixed in with peas.  Also, excellent stirred into yogurt or mayonnaise as a dip for crudités or a sauce for grilled fish.

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Gourmet Food Buyer & Gift Basketeer, Vine & Table gourmet market. I Love finding new foods to share, traveling and finding out of the way places to live like the locals.
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