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General Manager, Vine & Table gourmet market

a summer delicacy

If any of you fellow gardeners are like me, you have an abundance of tomatoes starting to pile up on your counter.  It’s time to get creative.  I have started canning, freezing, making salsa, and sharing with my feathered flock …

New at Vine & Table!

Keeping you engaged and interested is our goal, so we are constantly tweaking the way we buy, market, sell and look.  Although our core values never change, to stay relevant to you, our valued customer, everything else must evolve. And …

Blueberry, Lemon and Brie Scones

We came across this recipe from sommelier and wine writer Natalie MacLean and just had to share. The idea is to innovate this Easter and entice your guests by adding a bit of your favorite fine cheese to Easter brunch. …